Spotify hits iPhone app store

For music fans the wait is finally over; as of midnight last night (6 Sept) the Spotify application for the iPhone was available to download (for free) from the Apple app store.

Of course utterly useless if you don’t have an iPhone (or Google Android), but if you do, bleeding brilliant. With a music library of over 6 millions tracks and increasing by the day, the much-hyped app allows its user to stream music over the 3G network straight to their ears for a monthly subscription of £10 per month.

Judging by some of the early reviews on the Apple store though, a £10 sub-fee has put off many users, but at the price of 35p a day (i.e. 1 cigarette) it looks like a bargain to us.

The Spotify super-geeks are rumoured to be bringing video streaming to their ever growing digi-empire next.

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